Afrofuturismo no Brasil / Afrofuturism in Brazil

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia
18 min readDec 23, 2021
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.

On November 16, I published at Remezcla a shorter version of three interviews I made with Brazilian afrofuturist authors.

I decided to publish a longer version in English and an even longer one with all the original content, in Portuguese.


Fábio Kabral is one of the best-known names of the Brazilian Afrofuturism movement, author of “Ritos de Passagem” (“Rites of Passage”, 2014), “O Caçador Cibernético da Rua 13” (“The Cybernetic Hunter of 13th Street”2017) and “A Cientista Guerreira do Facão Furioso” (“The Warrior Scientist of the Furious Knife” 2019).

“If there is any future that I create with my work, it is the one where there are more and more black people creating and expressing themselves to the world through fictional literature.”

1. What are the main themes and perspectives of your work?

My main concern with my works is to present the humanity of black people, in their virtues, defects and contradictions, from our own cultural image. Beyond the representation of black people, in all their human diversity, as protagonists of their own stories, my intention is to promote literatures in which the philosophies, sciences and cosmologies of African matrixes are the center of the fictional universe. Above all, my goal is to write good stories for everyone’s appreciation — after all, literature is for everyone, all human beings.

2. Is there still resistance (from publishers and the public) to Afrofuturist literature?

It took me about 10 years to publish my first book, “Rites of Passage” (2014), which is Afrofuturist before I even knew the word existed; at the time, there was even a great publisher who told me: “Your work is very good! Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit our profile…” What profile would that be? Nowadays it is apparently easier, and my two following books — “The Cybernetic Hunter on 13th Street” (2017) and “ The Warrior Scientist of the Furious Knife” (2019) found more acceptance and…



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