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This article was originally written before OnlyFans’ decision to give up on baning sex and pornography from its website. However, I believe that the main argumentos on freedom of speech, sex as driver of innovation and the whole background to OnlyFan’s initial decision remain the same.

Sex has been a driver of innovation even before the invention of the internet, with the porn industry being quoted as the reason why VHS won the battle with Betamax during the 1970’s (which curiously led to a profound change in the porn industry itself which saw the end of its “golden age” around…

Last year, state congressman Douglas Garcia, a staunchy supporter of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, called his supporters on Twitter to send him names and personal data of “anti-fascists” to compile a list.

The list was compiled by Garcia and published on social media (or leaked, as some would say)— it contained the name, address, phone number and personal data of over a thousand people. Including my own data.

I and dozens of other people sued the state congressman for moral damages because, well, he put our lives at risk. He exposed our data, he made people lose their jobs and…

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Back in March, I wrote about the death of content curation using Medium’s recent changes as an example — the service seems to be metamorphosing into a sub-Substack of sorts.

But here I’d like to think a bit more about content curation and its relationship with journalism and less about Medium.

In 2009 I joined Global Voices Online, a collective of volunteer journalists, human rights activists and translators that curate content from all over the world and translate it into several languages. …

And I’m on the list again , for the second year in a row— the 99 key journalists of Twitter in Brazil=)

Revista Bula is one of the leading online culture magazines in the country. Here’s the full list of those who were mentioned by the magazine’s followers as key journalists.

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So, Medium’s publications are basically dead. They paid handsomely. Not anymore.

I’ll miss publishing at OneZero and Level, but more than that, I’ll miss the business model — professional writers getting paid by publications with a whole editorial structure. Not so much the long wait to hear back from editors as, like most good pubs, they were always overwhelmed with pitches, but definitely the quality of the edits, the exchanges, etc.

Although we don’t know yet what Medium’s planning, I’d bet they are moving towards a “substack” model, ie, they’ll select a few star writers, people already famous and capable…

Last year, state congressman Douglas Garcia, one of the main allies of Brazilian far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, asked his followers on Twitter to send him the data of anti-fascist activists (in short, any activist opposed to his president’s government). On June 2, Garcia proudly posted a video on his Twitter with (blurry) images of the list he would have compiled with data from hundreds of so-called antifascists or “antifas”.

On June 4, another video of the congressman holding what seems to be hundreds of pages of paper announcing that he would make police reports against the “antifas” on the list…

Considero o Wilson Gomes um intelectual necessário e bastante coerente, daí minha surpresa ao vê-lo se alinhar ao mesmíssimo discurso petista de que 2013 fez nascer o fascismo, como se fosse possível traçar uma linha direta entre os maiores protestos que o país viu até então — por direitos, por tarifa zero, contra violência policial, etc — e a eleição de Bolsonaro.

Oras, eu sequer consigo ver uma linha direta entre 2013 e a fundação do MBL — grupo fundamental para o crescimento e eleição de Bolsonaro e da extrema-direita brasileira.

A galera do “2013 fez nascer o fascismo” parece…

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There is a (mistaken) perception that journalistic work is, in general, something simple to do. Well, anyone can talk to 2–3 people and write something, right? Wrong.

I published last week, with Study Hall, an article that I started researching and pitching back in…. 2019! It took me over a year between having the idea, researching, convincing an editor to pay for the story, interviewing over a dozen people (to end up using only part of what I collected), writing, and going through several rounds of editing.

By the end of 2020, finally, all done.

But at the end of…

An interview with Dr. Petra Molnar, who spent 2020 investigating the use of drones, facial recognition, and lidar on refugees

Greek refugee camps are among the largest in Europe, and they are overpopulated, with scarce access to water, food, and basic necessities, and under constant surveillance. Photo: Manolis Lagoutaris/AFP/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic unleashed a new era in surveillance technology, and arguably no group has felt this more acutely than refugees. Even before the pandemic, refugees were subjected to contact tracing, drone and LIDAR tracking, and facial recognition en masse. Since the pandemic, it’s only gotten worse. For a microcosm of how bad the pandemic has been for refugees — both in terms of civil liberties and suffering under the virus — look no further than Greece.

Greek refugee camps are among the largest in Europe, and they are overpopulated, with scarce access to water, food, and basic necessities, and…

O Brasil é governado por um psicopata sem qualquer escrúpulo ou qualquer preocupação pela vida humana e que acredita piamente nas loucuras que fala — que são basicamente ódio em todas as suas representações e negacionismo científico com doses cavalares de burrice e da mais completa, primordial e pura estupidez.

Mas esse nem é o pior dos problemas. Ele foi eleito. E foi eleito sem esconder nada desse discurso. Bolsonaro sempre foi ódio puro, sempre foi um doente perigoso, sempre pregou homofobia.

E mesmo nunca escondendo quem ele era e é foi eleito. E segue tendo apoio de 30% da…

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia

Journalist, PhD in Human Rights (University of Deusto). MA in Communication Sciences, BA in International Relations.

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